Smooth makeup in action with 5 steps

Are you tired of the usual makeup, and you want to apply a soft makeup that makes you attractive and distinctive in the workplace?
Are you looking for regeneration, especially if your business forces you to communicate with new people every day?
Make sure you have the most basic and easy-to-use make-up, nails and hair you can do to make a perfect appearance without having to visit beauty centers and incur high costs:
1. Make up different eyes: If you are accustomed to putting kohl on your eyes constantly, Think of it as a cat's eye. It will change the shape of your entire view. It's easy and simple, and it will not take much of your time. Try it!
2. Nail polish:After placing the paint on your nails, place a different coating on one of the nails, such as the spleen or the middle, but be sure to be close to the nail color and suitable for him, so as not to look offended. It will give your nails extra attractiveness.
3. Get rid of your nail polish : Instead of using cotton and paint remover, which dries your nails and affects them, put the nail polish on clean cotton, wipe it on your finger, hold it tight, leave it for ten minutes, remove it and get nails. Free of paint, in addition to the gloss and health of your nails.
What do you think in this easy way?
4. Dry hair without breaking: When you need to shower in the morning you may dry your hair with a rough towel and rub it a lot to dry quickly, which leads to the bombing and fracture. For healthy, soft hair, customize a piece of your old cotton clothes to dry it. Just wrap it gently on the hair, and you will find the piece of cotton that has absorbed all the water in your hair carefully in just two minutes.
5. Get Smoky Makeup Easily: The Smoky is now one of the easiest things to do. Simply turn the tip of the kohl pen into the hair dryer for a few seconds, which will make it warm a little so that you can work the Smoky over your eyes with a kohl pen.