Flesh with beans
Flesh with beans .. For a special lunch of the day, the feet of a luxurious and delicious dish from the kitchen of Madam Feathers with beans , a traditional recipe of the distinctive Arab oriental cuisine


- Mutton: 8 pieces (blades)
- butter: 2 tablespoons large
- olive oil: a tablespoon
- leeks: 1 grain (sliced ​​and cut into thin slices)
- Garlic: Vans (peeled and minced)
- Chicken broth: 150 milliliters
Beans : 100 grams (trimmed and cut into small pieces) - beans: 400 grams (laundry and dried)
- Basil leaves: Grip (fresh)
- Olive oil: 2 tablespoons (to season)
- Lemon juice: 1 tablet (for seasoning)
- Lemon juice: 1 grain (to season)
- oregano: teaspoon (to season)
- salt: as desired (to season)
- Black pepper: as desired (to season)

How to prepare

1. To season: mix the oil, with juice, lemon juice, oregano, salt and pepper. The peeling is distributed on the lamb feathers, inside a deep bowl. The container is kept in the fridge for two hours or a night.
2. Add the oil spoon with butter to a pan, over medium heat. And fry the leeks and garlic, for 10 minutes, noting that the ingredients become soft, not brown color. Then, pour chicken broth, add the peas, stirring for five minutes. Then, add beans, stirring for extra minutes.
3. Add the juicer to a large skillet, and fry the lamb meat, for three or four minutes, for each side. And distributed to the dishes after.
4. Add the basil leaves to the mixture of beans, which is distributed on dishes with meat.