The meat with nuts

The most famous of the main dishes in Saudi Arabia , we attended you the meat cup of the masut from the kitchen of Madam, in an easy and original and delicious flavor of Chef Manal the world


- Sheep meat: 1000 gr (banana)
- Basmati rice: 3 cups
- oil: a quarter cup
- Onion: 3 pcs (sliced)
- Garlic: 6 pcs (mashed)
- Tomato: 2 pcs (sliced)
- Green pepper: 2 pcs (sliced)
- red pepper: 2 pcs (sliced)
- green lemon: 2 pcs
- Turmeric: a teaspoon
- cinnamon: a teaspoon
- Hill: a teaspoon
- cumin: a teaspoon
- Carry: teaspoon
- Lumi: teaspoon (ground)
- salt: a tablespoon
- Black pepper: half a teaspoon
- tomato paste: 2 tablespoons
- almond: 1/4 cup (for decorating)
- Raisins: one quarter cup (for decorating)
- yoghurt milk: cupan (to apply)

How to prepare

 1. Wash rice and then soak in 15 minutes of salted water .
2. In a small dish, put turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, curry, lime, salt and pepper. Pour the spices, then pour half on the meat, and keep the rest of the rice .
3. In a medium saucepan, heat the oil over medium heat, add the meat and turn it brown until the color changes and dry. Then, take out the pieces of meat and set aside .
4. Add onions and garlic, my heart to become golden color .
Add the tomato, heart to the second, and then put the green pepper, red pepper, loom and paste. Repeat the meat cuts, her heart, and submerge the meat with water. Bake on a strong heat until boiling, then cover the pot and let the meat cook for an hour to an hour and a half, until it is fully cooked .
6. Use a spoonful of holes, remove the pieces of meat quietly from the broth.Serve the broth and return to the pot. Add more water to make the broth 5 cups .
7. Put the broth on the fire to boil, add the rest of the amount of spices. The broth is called boiling .
8. Lay the rice and add it to the broth and let it boil until the broth is drunk .
9. Cover the pot and leave it on low heat for 20 minutes, or until the rice is cooked. Remove the almonds and raisins. Serve with yogurt .