Natural Make Up Fashion

At the time it was expected that a meeting with an expert make - up of the Lebanese Samer Khuzami only absolute professionalism, but spontaneous humor Almaquier, overshadowed by a series of questions that was characterized by frankness what hide Samer in scenes of his meetings disclosed in this meeting with "Madam":
1 . What is beauty by defining Samer Khuzami?
Beauty is the consistency of the shape of women in general, is the right knowledge of the face in terms of features, and most importantly the use of colors that fit the skin, eyes and hair .
2. Does every woman look nicer with makeup?
Yes, it is supposed to, because the goal of make-up is to embellishThe image of the woman, or what you want is to stand out more in her face. There are many women who think that make-up does not suit them, and this is an absolute mistake, there is a certain makeup fits a certain shape, and therefore it is important to choose the right makeup appropriate.
3 - See you recently in the Italian laboratories to prepare for a product, tell us the details?
True, I am in the process of preparing special preparations for Samer Khuzami and will soon be in the market.
4 - Is it a certain personality is always signed by Samer Khuzami "Image de marque"?
Throughout my work and planning, I have not been associated with a specific name that is like the Image de marque for Samer, because I aspire to see my woman work on any personality.
5 - Who inspired your makeup if?
Of the strong personality of women, and their impact on society and its effectiveness in its status. As well as being a housewife.
6. Why do some experts refuse to apply make-up to a particular face?
Yes, some of them prefer one face to another, but the most correct and as an expert to succeed in applying make-up in all aspects, and at different ages as well.
7. What preparation should always be in each woman's bag?
Lipstick is indisputable, because it is the most user-friendly product especially if it uses a simple and natural color.
8 - Do you think the importance of makeup in hiding defects?
Yes, this is the basic make-up task and then lies the freedom to choose the make-up that suits us.
9. Why are you away from global platforms?
This is not a coincidence. Success is a continuous effort and must be made step by step rather than fast. This gives MacIerer the incentive to work according to a goal he has already set and aspires to reach.
Where is Samer in the Arab countries?
Thanks to the openness to the media media, we have a global spread, not only in the Arab countries, which opened the way for us to spread significantly, and this is a remark from the master classes we are doing not only in the Arab world but also in the world.
11- What is the fashion of makeup 2017-2018?
International fashion is headed back to natural beauty, where the simple makeup to highlight the skin is very healthy, as if we restore the skin of youth to the splendor and life and nature, away from the make-up noisy.
12. You are personally away from the media, but you are practically close, why?
Because in short and frankly I still can not abandon my privacy, and this is a personal conviction. People mean my work not my life and what I do.
13 - Remind us of 3 names you wish to deal with women in the world?
Arab Queen Rania Al Abdullah, and from Lebanon Ms. Rima Suleiman Franjieh, and internationally Queen Elizabeth.
14. Tell us a secret about you?