Grills with innovative twisting
Barbecues problem innovative Baltetbilh .. he attended a Coptic Mrs. Margot variety grills of meat and chicken in an innovative way and dressing very appetite for a different taste in the restaurant Margaux attended a recipe specifically for kitchen Madam


- Chicken: 1 kg (without bone cubes)
- Lamb meat: 1 kg (
chopped ) - Minced meat: 1 kg (kebab)
- Onions: 1 kg (small size)
- Krispy tomatoes: Packed
- sweet green peppers: 2 pieces (cubes)
- Black pepper: teaspoon
- salt: teaspoon

How to prepare

1. Cut the chicken medium-sized cubes and season with black pepper and salt and put in wood skewers with slices of green pepper among them.
 2. Place the grated meat with the tomatoes and some onion slices.
3. Kebabs season with salt and pepper and placed in broilers.
4. Grill the grill over medium heat in the oven or on the charcoal and serve hot.