The couscous girl from the Maghreb

Couscous of the most famous dishes in the countries of the Maghreb , we offer you from your kitchen Madam innovative recipe is a gesture of couscous with vegetables recipe prepared by Chef Ali Hajj Hassan, from the Park Hyatt "Dubai - Café Arabesque
Chef's advice: Concentrate on steamed and smoked food, twice a week for their health benefits.


- Bread: 150 grams (fried)
- couscous: 250 grams
- lamb meat: 500 grams
- squash: 500 grams
- tomatoes: 500 grams
- eggplant: 500 grams
- green pepper: 500 grams
- yoghurt: 250 grams
- Hot herring sauce: 150 grams
- Homs: 200 g (boiled)

How to prepare

1 - Put the bananas of sheep and vegetables until the equator, and the couscous in the water of banana bananas for a quarter of an hour, and then put the bread and then couscous and boiled vegetables and boiled chickpeas.
2. Add the yoghurt sauce with the warm herring sauce, then put the pieces of meat, and sprinkle with chickpeas and parsley.