Mansaf Jordanian meat

Mansaf is considered one of the most popular dishes in Jordan. It offers all occasions and endurance, and depends heavily on meat , rice and milk Jamid .. feet to your guests and your family and enjoy the best popular dishes wonderful
Prepared specially for Chef Rola Al Far's kitchen


- Lamb: 3 kg
- Onion: 2
pieces ( divided into quarters / for meatballs) - Hill: 1/2 teaspoon (ground / meat)
- Garlic: 4 cloves (to cook meat)
- Paper laurel: 3 sheets (to cook meat)
- Cinnamon: 2 promises (to cook meat)
- Milk Jamid: head and a half (extracted and diluted in a liter and a half of water for a full night and filtered with a refinery)
- milk yogurt: 1 kilo (for milk mixture)
- Milk: Copan (buttermilk / milk mixture)
- egg white: 1 grain (for milk mixture)
- starch: tablespoons (mixture of milk)
- Egyptian rice: 3 cups (soaked 15 minutes and drained of water)
- Vegetable oil: 3 tablespoons (to cook the rice)
- Hot water: one and a half liters (for rice)
- Salt: one and a half teaspoons (to cook rice)
- Food dye: two drops (yellow pigment)
- Bread: 2 loaves (
broth ) - Chicken broth: 4 cubes (for rice)
- Turmeric: 1/2 teaspoon (for rice)
- Parsley: 2 tablespoons (minced / almonds and pine for decoration)

How to prepare

1. Climb the meat and remove all the germs and then put onions, garlic, cardamom, Laurel and cinnamon leaves and cover the pan and leave to boil for 50 minutes on low heat.
2. In a large cooker, put the ingredients of the milk and mix well. Then put the stone of the milk of the al-Jamid on the milk and mix until it is homogeneous.
3. Pour the rice with rice, oil, salt, dye, and a half liter of water into the pan and leave to boil, then cool down and leave for 20-25 minutes.
4. Put the meat and gravy on the milk of mansaf and stir with a spoon of wood to boil and then put the cubes of chicken broth, vegetables and turmeric and leave the mansaf boil over low heat for 40 minutes until the meat is cooked, remember to leave the tangerine without cover.
5. In a large tray, divide the baking bread into large pieces, and sprinkle with mansaf milk, then separate the rice and meat, and decorate with nuts and parsley, and pour in a deep dish of liquid mansaf milk.
6. Serve with pickles and a bowl of salads, including watercress and hot green peppers.
Note: If the stone is not available, you can replace it with liquid mansaf milk, which is available in the market.