The rice with lamb meat is perfect
The rice dishes with the lamb meat are perfect for my lady's kitchen. Rice dishes are the main dishes that are very suitable in the dishes and with the delicious meat . Prepare dishes of soup and salad next to the dish to be distinguished by your necessity. 


- animal ghee: 3 tablespoons
- onion: 2 tablets (minced)
- water: 2 liters
- Sheep meat: half a kilo (with bone)
- chicken broth: 1 cube
- cumin: half teaspoon
- salt: teaspoon
- Hill: half a teaspoon (ground)
- black pepper: half a teaspoon
- Basmati rice: two and a half cups (dipped)
- tomato sauce: 3 tbsp
- almond: 1/4 cup (peeled and toasted)
- raisins: 1/4 cup (oil mold)
- Green coriander: large spoon (chopped for decoration)

How to prepare

1. Heat the fat in a deep saucepan over the fire, then add the lamb pieces and heart to become golden.
2. Add the chopped onion and heart until the onions become soft and brown.
3. Add water cube broth , black pepper, cumin, cardamom , ground, salt, tomato sauce and let the mixture on fire for an hour or until the meat is cooked , taking into account to increase the amount of water when needed.
4. Arrange the rice and add it to the pot with the meat (taking into account increasing the amount of water when needed to cook the rice).
5. Cover the pot and leave on low heat for 25 minutes or until rice is cooked.
6. Pour the rice and meat together in the serving plate and face with almonds, raisins, chopped coriander and hot feet.