Pour rice with saffron with rich and appetizing bananas

The most famous of the Gulf dishes, which are also easy to prepare and very suitable for the banquet and the quirks in addition to its delicious taste, we chose you from the kitchen of Madam rice puff with saffron and sheep's bananas , share it and share your opinion


- Vegetable oil: 2 tablespoons
- onion: 2 tablets (minced)
- leeks: half a cup (chopped)
- Tomato: 1 grain (large and chopped)
- carrots: 2 tablets (grated)
- water: 2 liters
- Mutton meat: 1 kg
- Salt: Brush
- Saffron: Brush
- Bharar Kbsa: Brush
- Long grain rice: Kuban
- Dough: half a cup (butter-fried problem, for decorating)

How to prepare

1. Saute, in a saucepan containing vegetable oil, over medium heat, onions. Then add leeks, tomatoes and carrots. When vegetables are wilting, pour water, and wait until it boils.
2. Add the lamb meat to the saucepan, salt, saffron, and capsa. Leave this mixture on fire, until the meat is cooked.
3. Rinse the rice well, then sauté, and add to the pot, with vegetables and meat. After the rice is cooked, leave on fire for 10 more minutes at a cool temperature, without stirring.
4. Method of presentation: Pour this dish hot, and Zina with stir fried beans.