The Hebron meat is from the Palestinian kitchen

The Palestinian cuisine famous in the Arab world kitchens, varied dishes known Kalmschen , and Maftoul , and the ability Alhalilih
The Hebron meat is from the Palestinian kitchen. It was specially prepared for the kitchen of Chef Rola Al Far 


- Pine: cup (roasted peanut / for decorating)
- carrots: cup (parsley / for decoration)
- Short grain rice: 4 cups (washed and decanted half an hour)
- Homs drenched: cup
- vegetable broth: 1 cube
- Laurel paper: 3 sheets (spices)
- Hill: 7 grains (spices)
- Cumin: half teaspoon (ground / spices)
- Paprika: Spoon (spices)
- Red pepper powder: half teaspoon (spices)
- onion powder: a teaspoon (spices)
- Garlic Powder: Spoon (Spices)
- Seasoned Spices : Spoon (Spices)
- Cinnamon: 1 teaspoon (powder / spices)
- Black pepper: 1 teaspoon (ground / spices)
- Turmeric: Spoon (Spices)
- Saffron: Spoon (Spices)
- Garlic: 2 Head (Peeled)
- Onions: 2 tablets (large size / sliced ​​slices)
- Water: 3 liters

- Oil: half a cup

- Sheep thigh: 3 kg (cut for medium pieces)
How to prepare
1. Put the oil in a saucepan and then put the meat and spices all except salt and stir on the fire for 5 minutes.
2. Put the chickpeas and half the amount of onions and garlic and turn the meat for a minute and then put the water on them and leave until boiling and then calm the fire and cover the pot and leave an hour and a half or according to the maturity of the meat.
3. Put the salt and the other half of onions and garlic and leave for another five minutes and then put rice on it after the rice is filtered from the water of washing.
4. Leave the rice on the fire until it boils and then cool on the fire and leave until full maturity. Poured into the serving tray, decorated with nuts and vegetables and served.